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Our Culture

Life in Waruna

Waruna embodies a unique culture and eminence through our unwavering commitment to emphasizing our core values in each of our services, maintaining relationships with our customers, and instilling those values in our team members. 

Our Core Value

In this rapidly changing and highly competitive world, it’s vital to stay focused on what really matters to us. At Waruna, our values – integrity, safety, ownership, continuous improvement, and accountability – help us achieve this each day. They remind us of what our company stands for and serve as a primary reference point in every business interaction.



It stands for honesty, openness, and transparency in all practices and reporting. We’re firmly committed to doing what is right – no matter what duties we perform. We know that our people, like your people, work best in a culture built upon a foundation of trust.



From every member of our leadership to our newest hires, we each act as role models for safety. We’re committed to the safest possible conduct in every action we take. We are committed to taking care of our workforce, our communities, and the environment we share.



Our ownership works to take the initiative every chance we get to improve our company, our system, and the industry in which we serve. We go the extra mile every time – not only because that’s how we prefer to do things, but also because we care.


Continous Improvement

At Waruna, we’re eager to seek out the newest ideas to help us perform more ethically, efficiently, and successfully. By continuously improving ourselves and our company, we believe we’ll achieve a totally sustainable business.



We always follow through to accomplish every word of what we say we’ll do. This is because we believe that we are solely responsible for the actions we take that may affect others and their ability to achieve their own unique goals. We admit to our mistakes, deal with conflict constructively, and maintain a positive work environment for everyone involved at every step of every process, every day.